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Burly Heels Technique 

Miss Mouse

Saturday 24-09-2022 | Time: 12:15-13:45

Location: De Muziekfabriek | Price: €27,50

Learn to sass that ass while stomping it out together in our heels! Miss Mouse - The Ferocious Femme Fatale - has a long experience of teaching and working those heels on stage. In this workshop she will be spreading the love and skills of Heels and you can develop your heels technique for the burlesque scene or simply for feeling fierce when in heels. The class will start with the basics of the Why and the How - the vital techniques of a strong, safe and fierce heels walk. We'll practice it together and wrap it all up in an easy, breezy choreography. ​ Bring 1 pair of heels (no wedge) that you feel comfortable in or that you want to challenge yourself in. Dress in clothes you like - preferable tight pants/stockings for learning purposes. All levels are welcome!

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Boost your hips

Anita Gein

Saturday 24-09-2022 | Time: 14:00-15:30

Location: De Muziekfabriek | Price: €27,50

The incredibly seductive Anita Gein will teach you the technical skills to move, shake and roll your hips like a pro. In the workshop you will learn a little choreography to put all this together, but most importantly, you’ll have a great time doing it. You’ll be in time for the show later this evening, and show your new moves on the dancefloor afterwards.

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Sexy floorwork

Aurora Nova

Saturday 24-09-2022 | Time: 16:00-17:30

Location: De Muziekfabriek | Price: €27,50

Set the floor on FIRE with award-winning burlesque performer and professional dancer, Aurora Nova!🔥 Renowned for her floorwork skills and choreography, Aurora will teach you a fierce floorwork routine with lots of smooth transitions and a few spicy tricks! Suitable for ALL levels and genders (Options to modify movements) What to Bring/Wear: - Kneepads recommended! (Or long pants if you don’t have kneepads) - Clothes that make you feel good and can move easily in - Heels encouraged (or wear socks if you’re not wearing heels) - Water bottle

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theodora Rex by Jukka Alasaari Photography_edited.jpg

Drag make-up for burlesque - Magnus Love (aka Theodora Rex)

Saturday 24-09-2022 | Time: 18:00-19:30

Location: Het Huis Utrecht, Studio 2 | Price: €27,50

In this workshop we go through basic techniques of drag make up for the stage, how to make it big and spice up your burlesque make-up with drag make-up techniques. Workshop is open for all genders. We will focus more on the drag queen type of makeup but can also go through basic ideas of king makeup. Anyway, you can build whatever type of character despite your gender! Drag is not about binary, it is about plurality and freedom! You can bring a notebook and a pen and take photos for yourself. You can also build your own make-up during the workshop if you wish.

Magnus Love by Pasi Puskala - Jaana Pirskanen_edited.jpg
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