The Dutch Burlesque Festival takes place in Utrecht, The Netherlands on April 17 and 18 2020.  Visit regularly to stay updated on applications, announcements of burlesque artists, performers and acts .Contact us via  or with the form  on our contact page. 

Het eerste Nederlandse Burlesque Festival vindt plaats op 17 en 19 april 2020 in Utrecht. Kijk regelmatig op om op de hoogte te blijven van de aanmeldingen  en aankondigingen van burlesque artiesten, dansers en acts. Neem contact met ons op via of via het formulier op onze contactpagina. 

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During the Dutch Burlesque Festival, some of the performers will host workshops, so you can pick up tips and tricks from the best!

We have workshops for all levels, wether you're new to burlesque or a seasoned pro. If you have any questions concerning the workshops, please reach out to us.

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FRIDAY april 17

Vintage hairstyles workshop - Miss Cherry on Fire

You can either watch the pro at work, discribing all the steps as you go along or you can arrive in pin curls and style your own hair, following each step. You will learn a wave, a glamorous vintage curl set, a Pageboy style, Victory Rolls, and if there's time left  fake bangs with a bump and a quick Poodle style. Miss Cherry on Fire doesn't use a wet set , - Shoulder length hair cut to a horseshoe shape is perfect for these styles. You can bring a note book and camera, or if you want to style your own hair: a mirror, brushes, hairspray, bump (for false bumper bangs), hair pins, duckbill clips.

12:00 – 14:00 | @Lebowski | €26.00*


Boost your hips - Anita Gein

The incredibly seductive Anita Gein will teach you the technical skills to move, shake and roll your hips like a pro. In the workshop you will learn a little choreography to put all this together, but most importantly, you’ll have a great time doing it. You’ll be in time for the show later this evening, and show your new moves on the dancefloor afterwards.

18:30 – 20:00 | @Yazila | €16.00*


SATURDAY april 18

Drag make-up for Burlesque - Magnus Love

In this workshop we go through basic techniques of drag make up for the stage, how to make it big and spice up your burlesque make up with drag make up techniques. Workshop is open for all genders. We will focus more on the drag queen type of makeup but can also go through basic ideas of king makeup. Anyway, you can build whatever type of character despite of your gender! Drag is not about binary, it is about plurality and freedom! You can bring a notebook and a pen and take photos for yourself. You can also build your own make up during the workshop if you wish.

12:00 – 14:00 | @Lebowski | €31.00*


Burly Heels Technique - Miss Mouse

Learn to sass that ass while we’re stomping it out together in our heels!

Miss Mouse - The Ferocious Femme Fatale - will be spreading the love and skills of Heels in this workshop. She has a long experience of teaching and performing and working those heels on stage. Develop your heels technique for the burlesque scene or simply for feeling like a fierce femme fatale in heels. The class will start with the basics of the Why and the How. We'll go through the vital techniques of a strong, safe and fierce heels walk. We'll practice it together and wrap it all up in an easy, breezy choreography. 

Bring 1 pair of heels (no wedge) that you feel comfortable in or that you want to challenge yourself in. Dress in clothes that you like - preferable tight pants/stockings for learning purposes. Welcome to all levels! 

13:00 - 14:30 | @In de 3 Krone | €21.00*

Creative comedy - Miss Strawberry Moon

The hilarious Miss Strawberry Moon will teach you all about the different kinds of comedy, comedy timing, physical comedy, how and when to build comedy into a burlesque act.

15:00-16:30 | @In de 3 Krone | €21.00*

Boa Laboratory - Rosabelle Selavy

After a warm up to help connect the brain to the body, we will work on poses and figures with the boa and work with some classic boa moves. Rosabelle will talk about how she has customized some of her boas for surprising special effects. There will be stations with different types of boas where everyone will get a turn experimenting. The workshop will finish with a fun group choreography that promotes teamwork and community.

16:45 – 18:45 | @In de 3 Krone | €26.00*


SUNDAY april 19

Clowning around - Dotti Moscati

Berlin’s Sexiest Clown is coming to Utrecht offering a very special workshop to all. Dotti will be teaching clowning techniques that can be used to enhance any style of burlesque performance. In this workshop we will work through individual performers comedy burlesque aspirations and goals. The workshop will cover topics such as: *Becoming more confident in one’s comedic timing. *Adding comic twists to a classic act. *Playing with the fourth wall. *Feeling silly onstage and exaggerate facial expressions. * Turning nerves into slapstick. The workshop will be part lecture and part light movement, suited to all levels of physicality and experience, but directed towards those who have some experience on stage.

Please wear something you feel comfy in and please bring stage gloves and shoes if you have them. Leave all those worries at the door and come have a silly strip with Dotti!

14:00-15:00 | @Yazila | €21.00*


Let them love you - Self love and stage presence - Veda Decadenza

A body positive workshop where you will learn about the connection between self love and stage presence through talks and exercises. The incredible Veda Decadenza will open up and tell you about her own experiences as a plus size performer with severe leg issues, and teach you about the history of body positivity. She’ll introduce those burlesque performers of past and present who are perhaps not seen as attractive in the most traditional way, but despite of that, are very famous and popular performers.

15:30 – 17:00 | @Yazila | €21.00*

*Apart from €1,- service fee for the ticket office, all revenues will go directly to the artists.

FRIDAY april 17

saturDAY april 18

Sunday April 19