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The producers

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ZiZi Zinnona

ZiZi Zinnona

Violet Moonshine

Zizi Zinnona is a burlesque artist and producer based in the Netherlands. Her performances are characterized by her keen sense of humor, dramatic flair, unconventional music choices and voluptuous body. Her custom blend of politics and playfulness, feminism and froufrou, comedy and curves makes her one of the Netherlands' most beloved performers.

Zizi produces the Dutch Burlesque Festival and the show Pussy Grabs Back, which was also featured at Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2019. Notable performances include headlining the Croatian Burlesque & Cabaret Festival, Stockholm Burlesque Festival, Vienna Boylesque Festival, Hamburg Burlesque Festival, Oslo Burlesque Festival, Berlin Burlesque Festival, Bavarian Burlesque Festival, Bohemian Burlesque Festival and Strasbourg Burlesque Festival.

Violet Moonshine is a Dutch burlesque performer and producer and winner of the Dutch Burlypicks. She is mesmerizing, adventurous, cheeky and drunk on love. Violet’s acts all feature her signature spectacularly detailed and mind-bogglingly original costumes and props: from a hot-air balloon to a full-size bass!
She has taken her acts to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, London Burlesque Festival, Milan Extraordinaire, New Forbidden Burlesque - Brussels, Taormina Burlesque Festival, the Croatian Burlesque and Cabaret Festival, the Glasgow Festival of Burlesque and has won the last Dutch Burlypicks. Next to performing she loves to pass on the fun, the love, the body positive vibes and empower women through workshops.

The producers

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Partners & Funding

Partners & Funding

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Partners & funding

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Do you have a question for us? Do you want to become a volunteer? Or do you want to support the Dutch Burlesque Festival? We would love working together with you! You can support the festival financially, but we also welcome contributions in kind, for example for the goodie bags for the performers or small gifts for the audience. 

Get in touch through or the form below to discuss the possibilities. 



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terms and conditions

terms and conditions


The Dutch Burlesque Festival is dedicated to providing an inclusive environment in which all participants and attendees of our events feel comfortable and free from harassment*. We promote and celebrate a diverse and inclusive burlesque community. To provide this, the Dutch Burlesque Festival will not tolerate:

  • Racism, sexism, classism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, fatphobia, and all other forms of discrimination

  • Physical, verbal, or mental abuse

  • Bullying

  • Sexual harassment, inappropriate or unwelcome comments and behaviours

  • Disruptive or disrespectful behaviour

  • Causing a participant or attendee to feel distressed or unsafe

The following guidelines will help ensure a safer space:

  • Respect peoples’ physical and emotional boundaries.

  • Get enthusiastic consent first. Use coherent verbal communication to express your desires before touching anyone.

  • Be responsible for your actions, and aware that they may have an effect on others, regardless of original intent.

  • If an issue arises with a participant or attendee before the festival, the Dutch Burlesque Festival staff will be available to hear these concerns and find a solution that is in the best interests of the community and the event being a safer space. Should an issue arise with a participant or attendee during the festival, staff will be available to mediate on-site and attempt to find a solution. Staff reserves the right to ask any attendees who are violating the safer space policy to change or address their unsafe behaviour or language, or leave the event if needed, without refund of ticket purchased.

  • By purchasing a ticket or agreeing to participate in any of the events hosted by The Dutch Burlesque Festival, you agree to conduct yourself in a respectful manner as outlined in this Safer Spaces Policy.

(*Definition of Harassment: Harassment means any conduct that is known, or is reasonably to be known, to cause offence or humiliation. This may include persistent unwanted attention and deliberate infringement of personal space.)​​​

(thank you, Toronto Burlesque Festival, for the inspiration)


  • By sending in your application to DBF you agree that, should you be selected to perform, your name and promotional photograph may be used freely for press and promotional purposes in connection with the festival.

  • By appearing in one of the DBF shows you agree to being photographed and filmed on stage and in the venues without making any claims on the material. These materials may be used freely in order to promote this and future events by the producers.

  • If you are selected to perform you agree to promote the festival through your social media if you have them, for at least three weeks prior to the festival.

  • If you receive an offer to appear in the festival you must commit to it within seven days of it being sent out, or your place will go to another applicant.

  • Should you receive an offer to perform in the Netherlands in the month prior to September 29 & 30, we ask you to let us know and promote the festival at your show. We can provide flyers and other promotional materials.

  • Please make sure your application is complete, as we will only consider complete applications.

COVID-19 Clause:

  • To perform at the festival you agree to follow the health regulations from the Dutch government that are in place during your travels to and stay in Utrecht and the Festival.

  • Should the Festival be cancelled or having to be postpones due to Covid-19 or related causes, such as a lockdown, closure of the venues or other governmental rules and regulations, the performers are not entitled to any compensations, such as, but not limited to, travel costs or deficiency compensation by the promoters.


  • Showtickets are valid for the night that is indicated on the ticket. Passe-partouts are valid for both shownights and will be scanned on both nights.

  • Workshop tickets are valid for the workshop indicated on the ticket.

  • Tickets are non-refundable.

  • Are you unable to attend or ill and would you like to sell your ticket? Or a certain event is sold out and you want to get another ticket? Then go to a second-hand ticket site. We recommend

Terms and Conditions
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