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Theatre Het Huis Utrecht

Theatre Het Huis Utrecht

Theatre Het Huis Utrecht is one of the most beloved theatres in Utrecht. Located in a former catholic school build in 1896, it features a well-equipped theatre as well as a cozy bar, a lush garden and a fabulous central historic staircase. At only 14-minutes by foot from Utrecht Central Station, it is very centrally located.

The theatre is located on the Boorstraat, a side street of the Amsterdamsestraatweg. The building is easy to reach by bicycle or public transport. It is also easy to reach by car, but keep in mind that you have to pay to park in the vicinity of the building.

The theater opens at 19.00 so you can have a drink in the foyer and browse the stalls of our merchants. At 20.00 the theater hall opens, so you have plenty of time to find a comfy seat. The show starts at 20.30 and lasts until about 23.00, with a break halfway through. 

Het Huis Utrecht | Boorstraat 107 | 3513 SE Utrecht | The Netherlands |

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